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You Say it First is re-running with directors' commentary!
Jan 20th, 2005 - [200]Guy Talk (4 of 23)
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Original Commentary
Is Robert allowed to install games? Not really, but Robert is the only guy who actually checks the logs for inappropriate software - Terrence

Modern Commentary
I should have shown Robert handing Brisbane a copy of Final Battle Adventure Online or done more to make it clear via dialogue.
Final Battle Adventure Online is a massively multiplayer game that has shown up in You Say it First, , and Nicole and Derek. I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's been mentioned in our comics.

You remember what I said a few months ago about using brand names or not? Well, in the first draft of the comic, it was Neverwinter Nights, a video game based on Dungeons and Dragons. It had come out a few years earlier and was rather popular. I had probably just started playing it or, perhaps, had intended to play it real soon.
I enjoy referencing things that I like. It amuses me and sometimes you have to amuse yourself first. But this time I was probably hoping that the name drop would be good for a bit of attention from the Neverwinter Nights community.
Isabel pointed out that folks who came here for Neverwinter Nights content wouldn't find anything of the sort besides an off-hand mention and we really shouldn't tie ourselves to other peoples' intellectual property.

She mentioned this to me after she posted the comic with the new name for the video game. This is good, because you shouldn't pretend to be something that you aren't just because you think it will make you popular. It almost certainly won't work; people can spot a phony.
This silly little computer game will be a larger part of the ND Unlimited universe than we could have imagined based on this humble beginning.

Probably should have had Robert talk the game up a bit more.- Terrence

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ND Unlimited News

07.14.2022 - Terrence Marks:
Two awesome things!
First, You Say it First is going to be running with commentary starting July 18th - next Monday. Seven days a week. With original commentary AND new modern commentary that has the full benefit of hindsight! Be there!
Secondly, Panda Jenn did a video - Old Furry Websites I Used To Visit. In addition to being an look back at how the internet used to be - and it used to be different - one of those sites was Unlike Minerva, the prequel to You Say it First.
06.02.2021 - Terrence Marks:
Over the last month, Isabel participated in Mermay, a mermaid-themed drawing challenge. If you follow her on Twitter, you've probably seen it. Our friend Eric Pearson has compiled them into a video for one-stop viewing. If you haven't seen them, please check then out.

03.24.2021 - Terrence Marks:
So, we're less back than we wanted to be.

We really wanted to finish the Amoeba X-ing storyline and we're glad that we were able to. We were hoping that momentum would carry us forward. That was overly optimistic.

The pandemic is still on. We're kinda going crazy staying at home, but it's the safest option for us and those around us. Isabel's art anxiety has gotten worse. We're not ready to come back yet. Sooner than later, we hope. Not as long as last time. But not right now.
02.25.2021 - Terrence Marks:
We're back! Update schedule is, well, we'll see how things go. We thank you all for coming back.

06.25.2020 - Terrence Marks:
So how are we doing?

Well, main thing is comics are on hold until further notice.

Physically? We're ok. We're staying indoors. We work from home. Haven't left the house in months apart from vet appointments, and we know we're both lucky that we're able to do that. If you can stay home or socially distance or wear a mask, we really appreciate it and thank you for it. We want this whole pandemic thing to be over, because, like everybody else we're kinda tired of it by now. But still staying home.

Mentally? Kinda bad right now, to be honest. 2020 kinda sucks. Everything is just so much right now. It's hard to be creative.

Comics? On hold until further notice. I really don't know if or when we'll be back. I'm sorry. Some days it feels like we've been slowly running out of steam for a long while and these are not energizing times. If we come back, I'd rather we do it vigorously instead of in fits and starts as life wears us back down. I'd hate to say we're coming back, then we don't or we stop after a few updates.

Expiration is turned off for NamirDeiter.net accounts. If you supported us, we sincerely appreciate it and hope you enjoy the backlog of content we have up there.

Cats? Doing surprisingly well so far. Buttons' thyroid treatment was a success. She's put on at least two pounds, which is good since she was on the low side of four pounds before all this. Momo is still around. Her kidneys weren't in great shape at the start of all this and they're very unlikely to have improved. She's doing better than we expected, but we know that won't last forever. Every extra day we have with her is a blessing and we're grateful for it. Beowulf is doing good, to the best of our knowledge. He doesn't have any complaints as long as we feed him before we feed the other cats.

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